I'm a creative copywriter and storyteller based in Amman, Jordan. I'm fascinated by creativity and always looking for ways to inspire it, be it through sharing stories and musings, learning a new skill, or traveling the world.


I used to believe that the only way to inspire change was to work at a nonprofit organization. So I studied hard and specialized in International Development. It paid off—I landed a really cool job managing massive open online courses that enable people to learn for free!

I was beyond lucky; I managed creative teams and worked with top experts, producers, videographers, editors and marketers. But something was missing—I wasn’t creatively satisfied. I enjoyed management, but I enjoyed getting my hands dirty much more. I would spend hours willingly taking care of tasks beyond my scope of work—crafting newsletters and email campaigns, writing website content, press releases and trailer scripts... basically any form of storytelling that I could experiment with. I would get an immense form of excitement and satisfaction from it all. So I quit my job and decided to tell stories full time, starting with my own.


My goal is to help brands, nonprofits and change-makers expand their reach and increase their engagement through leveraging the power of storytelling and human centered content design. That is creating content built around empathy, curiosity and creativity—an opportunity to help you better connect with people and grow your community to drive positive change.


This is where things get real... I’d love to get paid to travel the world and write stories that inspire people to chase their wildest dream and realize their best potential. In the meantime, I’ll settle for writing from coffee shops while sipping cappuccinos, or from home in my yoga pants. 


Do you have a story to tell? Looking for a creative English copywriter or a storyteller? Well, you wouldn't be here if you weren't, so let’s talk about ways we can work together!


There is nothing I'd love MORE than helpING you tell your story.

- Dina