Stories about what?

My personal favorites are stories about: personal growth, creativity, inspiration, innovation, success, career changes, education, entrepreneurship, travel, good news, and people and organizations doing good things and putting them out in the world

Basically anything that sparks curiosity, inspires change or simply draws a smile on someone’s face. 

Where & How Do i Tell Stories?

I tell stories offline and online, for print and for the web, through:

  • Press Releases (example)
  • Social Media Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Articles

It goes without saying, but I hope you don't mind if I do say that stories for the web are SEO friendly. In other words, I'll find the right words to make sure search engine surfers land on your page! 

I can help you tell yours.

Need a storyteller for your blog or publication? Pitch me a topic or let me pitch you some. 

Are you a photographer, a designer or a painter? Let's talk about ways we can collaborate to create art.