Write Not to Be Discovered, But to Find Yourself.

Hey you! Yes, you! The one looking at the blinking cursor on that blank page or fiddling with that pen in your trembling hand.

Don’t write to change the world, help people or save the planet. Don’t write to inspire others or to tell them how YOU think they “should” live their lives. Don’t write what you “think” people want to hear or to go viral and get likes.

Don’t write for them. Write for yourself, will you?

In a world of perfectly curated Instagram feeds and carefully selected words, write to share your truth. Write what you feel and what makes you come alive. Write to get unstuck and to find your voice. Write to unlock your passion and silence your inner critics.

Write raw emotions and unfiltered thoughts. Write that which you cannot bear not write, write that which is tugging at the sleeves of your heart. Write to face your biggest fears and tame your wildest demons. Write to stitch your wounds and heal your scars.

Write something dangerous and get in trouble. Write that which you wouldn't dare say and piss some people off. Write to create connections and find your tribe.

Write to get lost in thoughts and to go on journeys that money can’t buy. Write to explore uncharted territories in your soul. Write to recall where you’ve been and to understand where you’re going.

Write it down, even if it’s been written a thousand times before. Write your own version and use your own voice. Who knows? Maybe one day the stars will align in your path, and your words will speak someone's thoughts and help them understand their “why”.  

Only then will you truly understand, what it means to write not to be discovered, but to be found.

That’s why you were born and that’s what going to keep you alive.

Because at the end of the day, and in the words of one wise man:

“Better write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self” - Cyril Connolly.


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