Feeling down lately? Read this.

It’s easy to pretend that everything is going fine; to add filters to our words like we add filters to our photos. “I’m fine” … “It’s going well”… Insert forced smile. 

But every once in a while, things aren’t going to be fine and you’re going to want to either hide it or hide in your own shell. Because who wants to be around a person who isn’t doing great, right? 

Maybe that new job you started is horrible. The pain of losing someone dear is taking longer to heal. Your marriage isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Motherhood is taking its toll on you despite the precious moments. Maybe you just moved to a new city and it feels lonely. Or you just took a leap of faith to start doing your own thing, and you’re terrified of failure.

Whatever it is that you’re going through, here’s to owning it. Here’s to reaching out to someone for support.

It’s okay not to be fine sometimes.

It’s okay to be vulnerable and human. Maybe that’s the road to the missing connection we’re all craving in this filtered world.