Are you a people pleaser? STOP! Read this.

You might think that the hardest part about taking a leap of faith is actually taking the leap.

“I too like to think dangerously !”

It turns out that the hardest part about making a decision is staying true to YOUR 'WHY'.

Even when the going gets tough or when the stakes are high. It's something that I struggle with more often than not.

It’s having the courage to say “NO” to an opportunity that's completely out of line with what you'd like to do, even when there's nothing else available.

Even when there's pressure around you to say "YES".

Even when saying "NO" means that you're going to let that colleague, friend or parent down.

It's about believing that what YOU SEEK is in fact, seeking you. It's about making space for what YOU want to do because you might be closer to getting there than you actually think!

It’s about remembering why you started in the first place.

If you're not going to do what YOU want to do, why take the leap anyway?

So go on, let them down easy.

Give yourself permission to say "NO".

You didn't set out to continue people pleasing... or did you?